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COVID-19 Resources

We are dedicated to bringing you the most current and credible information about COVID-19, including the vaccine. Below are resources that can answer most of your questions, along with services we have in place to keep our library, staff, and patrons safe. Also included are library resources you can access from the comfort of your home including eBooks, audiobooks as well as television shows and movies.


COVID-19 Online Resources

What is COVID-19? How does it spread? How can I protect myself? What are the symptoms? This link will answer all those questions and more!

Who are essential workers? Click this link to learn more about who the CDC considers essential and why.

How do I go about getting the COVID-19 vaccine? This link will walk you through the 4 steps of getting the vaccine. It starts off with an eligibility quiz to see when you should get the vaccine.
To learn more about the vaccine and the different phases, click here.

Want to know more about COVID and the effect it’s caused in Pennsylvania? The PA health department website is a great resources for all that information. Visit this link to learn more about the effects on our state, along with resources to help answer any questions you may have.

Roadway Pharmacy is going to be offering the vaccine. Go the this page and fill out the request form.

Vaccine Information

MoneyGeek has compiled information and put it into a user friendly guide for vaccine costs, how-to’s, and why it is important to get one. Click here to access their resources.


Other Medical & Insurance Information

For those who do not have insurance through a parent or employer, finding an affordable and comprehensive health plan can be very challenging. In fact, in 2019, adults ages 19 to 34 had the highest uninsured rates (16%) of any age group in the United States. The pandemic has only made it more evident that Americans need proper healthcare.
This new resource shares the best affordable health insurance for students and young adults in order to help these individuals make informed choices about their healthcare coverage.

What we are doing in the library

  • We are offering limited contact services
      • This includes contact-less pick up
        • To receive Contact-Less Pick Up
        • To Reserve Books:
          • Call 724-235-2249 & tell us what books you want
          • Go to the online catalog to put a hold on the book
              • Not sure how? Click here.
        • Once you arrive at the library give us a call.
          • We will bring your items out in a never before used bag
  • We quarantine all items coming into the library
      • Items go from the book drop straight to our quarantine area, where they stay for three days
      • Including books requested from other libraries
      • We wipe all items down with a sanitizing solution
  • We wipe the door handle and book drop handle frequently
  • We wipe the computer and surrounding area down after each use
  • We are still offering these services:
      • Copying / Printing
      • Faxes
      • Scan to email
      • Reference assistance
      • Requesting items from other libraries
      • Retrieving items from the stacks at request
      • Virtual Programs
  • The library’s WiFi is available 24/7
      • Can be accessed from the parking lot and road


Digital Library Resources

These digital resources can be accessed from anywhere with a smart phone, tablet, or computer and a connection to the internet.

Want to use these resources but don’t have a library card? Want a library card but don’t want to come into the library? You can sign-up for a free eCard without leave the house! Click here to learn more.